Devil’s Food Cake – Salem

Arizona fetish/goth model Salem Wolf redefines sexy bringing a much needed edge and eccentricity to the other ladies in the Shop.

The 33-years old tattoo-ed cutie currently runs the Customer Service Department at Devil’s Workshop Drums. She is not just a client, she a super-supporter.

“I get to work with the best craftsman in custom drum building, a creative team that is truly, truly twisted, get to deal directly with the most AMAZING drummers and bands! I am telling you, these are truly the most wicked looking drums you’ll ever see! The craftsmanship and sound is beyond what you can imagine!”

Sporting some very sexy tattoos, the goth enthusiast currently has several including her most recognizable piece on her back.  They are devilswings, a very large black and grey piece

She has been on the cover of Playtime Magazine, featured in Vegas runway clothing ad distributions, various ads for companies (such as Trails, Sinsations, Bandaids Show Lounge, Playtime).

Calling it her “dream job,” it also makes perfect sense that if Mr. Right plays the drums, Wolf has been known to howl.

“I have a thing for drummers, what can I say,” says Wolf. “Meow.”

Salem, we would like to pet you ANYTIME you say the word!

2 Responses to “Devil’s Food Cake – Salem”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful words!
    Bloody Kisses and Twisted Dreams,
    Salem W.

  2. damn you look good. id like to see more pics of you. that would be nice

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