Brown Sugar – Robin V.

Coming straight out of Miami via Baltimore is sexy video vixen Robin V aka Robin V. Thompson.

This beautiful rumpshaker is a model, actress whose sexy chunks of funk were featured in several videos including  Valentino’s “Tell Me” and Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain.” This self-proclaimed “jane of all trades” is currrently studying photographer so that she can get as much pleasure looking at others as we have checking her out.

But none of her achievements can trump her desire to be respected in the game.

“I’m a diamond in the rough. So I [get] overlooked. The modeling game is funny like that – so political! People go with what’s hot at the time, instead of looking for something fresh. Plus in this game people have their own agendas and hidden motives, which I’m not willing to oblige.”

For more info on this sexy cutie, hit her MySpace page and give her a shout!


3 Responses to “Brown Sugar – Robin V.”

  1. one of the hottest internet models ever! have you seen her videos? this chick is so sexy its ridiculous! she and bria myles are my favs!

  2. I would eat her booty.

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